Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Acetate Backstop

The last few years I have cut way back on the different parallel cards that I pick up in trades and purchase.  There are just so many of them and they run across almost every set.  It's numbs the mind somedays.  Instead I have tried to focus in on some specific parallel cards and try to limit them to Cardinals and former Durham Bulls players.  Sometimes current Durham Bulls players.

The main focus of my parallel purchases and trades have revolved around the acetate cards that Topps has put in their base sets the past three years.  The cards are serial numbered out of 10, so they can be expensive and difficult to track down, but they are worth it most of the time.

A few days back I found a former Durham Bulls player on an acetate parallel for the less than $5.  That's hard to beat.  It's also my first acetate card of the year.

Maile has actually spent a part of this year in Durham, but is currently up with the Rays.  He is a good defensive catcher and has done a lot to improve his hitting over the past two season with the Bulls.  This year he has already equaled his extra base hit total in Triple A from 2015, but has about 130 less plate appearances.  Given where the Rays are in the standings I am glad to see Maile get a chance to play at the Major League level during the second half of the season.  

It's an acetate, so we have to check out the back of the card.  One of the best parts of an acetate card.....

I am going to have to find a few of these before the end of the year.  Especially a Cardinals card.

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