Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Brand Was This Again?

I picked up a Kyle Seager autograph awhile ago and left it sitting on the coffee table in my baseball card room.  It made it's way to my scanner and then into one of my boxes of autographs.  Honestly, I know I bought the card off of Ebay, but I am not quite sure when it happened.  It's no longer in my purchase history, so it's been here more than 90 days.

I really liked the card when I first bought it.  The card had a cool looking texture with a raised area for the signature and a blue cut out area on the right hand side of the card and a small cut out on the bottom left hand corner.  Here is a look at the card....

After all of the time away from this card I came back to the scan this week.  I flipped through my blog to make sure I hadn't started a draft on it somewhere, but had nothing.  That's when I noticed something a little bit odd about this card.  Even though it was out of my purchase history I went back and scanned through Ebay for another copy just to make sure it wasn't something wrong with just this Kyle Seager card.  Nope, they are all this way.  What's wrong?

This card is from the Topps Supreme set, but there is nothing that identifies the brand of the card.  Anywhere.  We just have the players name, signature, name, picture, and Mariners logo.  The last two years Topps has included something to identify this brand in previous years.......

Last year......

and the year before.......

Both cards have something to identify them as being from the Supreme product.  I thought it was an odd touch and cannot think of another brand that did not have some sort of text to distinguish themselves.  Still a really nice card, but definitely something different that stuck out to me after a long break from this card.


  1. Apparently Topps has decided that the brand is just so doggone supreme that we should just know from it's aura. Or someone in the design dept. got into a lot of trouble.

    1. Not sure. I guess the front isn't too cluttered, but it is weird not to have some sort of branding on the card.