Saturday, January 30, 2016

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Way back in March of 2012 I made my first post on this space about a Brian Fuentes Triple Threads patch card from the 2009 All-Star game in St. Louis.  Over the last three plus years I have frequently sat down in front of my computer in my office and spent a little bit of my day typing about my baseball cards.  It's been a good source of stress relief at the end of my days and share the cards I enjoy with other people.  This is a great hobby and has been a part of my life since childhood and I will always value the time I spent working on this blog and the people I have met along the way.

During different points in making 1,257 blog posts I have taken an occasional break from writing, but nothing longer than a week or two.  Over the last half a year I felt a restlessness with my writing.  I have ventured out to explore writing opportunities beyond this blog, as well as exploring some different ways to do different things with this space.  After months of contemplation I have decided to "retire" this space.

I am not going to shut the door all the way on this space, but unlike the other breaks from my blog that were short term, this one will last much longer.  It could be several months, maybe a year, or maybe I am just going to let this space be the way I am leaving it after this post.....

While I am leaving this The Snorting Bull Blogger page, I am going to maintain both my Twitter and Instagram accounts to share out my cards.  Again, I have really valued my time and experiences here and look forward to still talking to many of you who have taken time during the past few years to read my ramblings on baseball cards.

One day I will be back, whether it is here, or in another space.  In the meantime, I will leave you with one last card.  I was looking for a good one to go out on and this card looks like a winner.....


  1. Sorry to see you go - you've always been a good read and I especially enjoyed the Durham Bulls content. Good luck in your future ventures!

  2. I've always enjoyed your posts. Hopefully you end up back here sooner than later.

  3. I am sad to hear this as I have always enjoyed this blog even though it has been painful at times with your love of the Cardinals (stated by an avid Reds' fan). See ya at the park this summer!

    1. I will let you know when and where I will be this summer. I am going to hit up a bunch of games in Durham, but I need to make it back over to Greensboro and Burlington for a few games too.

  4. I agree with Tony, I've loved a lot of your minor league stuff as you don't always get that aspect with most blogs. Enjoy your time away, and that is one heckuva card to end it with! Beautiful patch.

  5. I know I haven't been the loyalist of readers these past few months, but I truly enjoyed your blog (especially the "Friday Five" posts). Hope to see you revive it sooner than later... but if not I wish you the very best. Enjoy your blogger retirement.

  6. I'm going to miss your posts. You always posted great content and your card collection is absolutely amazing. Hoping to see you come back from retirement soon

  7. Enjoy retirement! I always enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck with your new writing ventures.