Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Box of Rays Will Ease The Pain

You must play the music as you read the post.  I rarely put music into posts, I am asking for very little.  If you're at work, put in some headphones or something. 

My wife and I, along with our five year old, make a fair amount of road trips every year to see different places and different people.  This year we decided to travel to Northern Michigan to see my wife's family.  It's about a fifteen hour drive from our doorstep to my in-laws doorstep.  Long drive, but her parents house is relaxing and I dig being in a small town for a week or two.  I can walk to see Lake Huron and I actually get to see some snow.  

Right before we left for our trip I had made a trade with another member of a group of local card collectors around central North Carolina.  One of the groups members has an incredible collection of Ben Zobrist cards and was looking to move a few doubles.  I had made a few trades with him before and I had a Zobrist 1/1 that could probably use a better home than mine.  He posted a picture of several autographs including an Evan Longoria, Cole Figueroa, Jake Ordorizzi, etc.  I gave up a 1/1 Zobrist autograph thinking I was getting back a handful of Durham Bulls cards.

I had actually not really thought too much about mail walking back in my door after driving home.  About thirty minutes after we got home my postal carrier dropped off all of our held mail including box of cards.  There were several boxes of cards within the box.  All kinds of different things...autographs, relics, serial numbered cards, and just about a complete set of Panini Classics.  Throw in a few Bowmans, a couple of Gypsy Queen cards, and some Triple Threads base cards.  I was blown away at the generosity of my trade partner.  

It would take awhile to scan all of the cards and post them on here, so I am going to narrow it down to five cool Rays/Durham Bulls cards that I enjoyed seeing in the box.....

5.  2010 Topps Tribute Evan Longoria Triple Relic Autograph 

This is probably the most obvious keeper in the box.  Longoria is one of the best Durham Bulls players to wander through town since the team became affiliated with the Rays.  I have posted a ton of Longoria on here and have always enjoyed collecting his cards.  Great card.  

4.  2013 Bowman Inception Jake Odorizzi Autograph

I have a bunch of these Odorizzi autographs.  I don't have the whole rainbow of cards or anything, but this was a really really good looking set.  Not sure how many of the 2013 Inception autographs are in my collection, but it's plenty.  Another great card.  

3.  2013 Gypsy Queen B.J. Upton Jumbo Relic 

I have heard a lot of garbage about B.J., or Melvin, over the last few years since he has been on the Braves and Padres.  While his career has slowed down from his days with the Rays, he still remains one of my favorite former Durham Bulls.  He was an amazing talent while he was a Bull and enjoyable to watch.  Sometimes Minor League talent does not translate into Major League talent.  B.J., I mean Melvin, had a good run in Tampa, still a favorite of mine.  This card looks awesome with the black border.  

2.  Topps Supreme Alex Cobb Autograph 

This was an Asia only release.  I have picked up a few of these including a Chris Archer, but I am still missing a few cards of some of the Cardinals, Rays, and former Durham Bulls.  This was one of them.  It's not an impossible card to find, but every time I ran across one it was too expensive, or I got outbid, or something.  Don't need many more of these to close out the Bulls/Rays/Cardinals. 

1.  2012 A Sign of History Cole Figueroa Autograph 

Easily my favorite card in the box and it's not really close.  I really liked watching Cole Figueroa play for the Durham Bulls.  Not the best player on the team, but a fan player to watch.  Plus he was on the team for several years, Minor League fans usually don't get to hold onto players too long.  There are many Minor Leaguers who sign for different Topps, Panini, and Leaf products, but Figueroa has never been in a single set.  No certified autographs.  I have an in person autograph, or two, from Figueroa, but those are autographs on top of facsimile autographs on a Bowman card.  I have long wanted a certified autograph of Figueroa and I am happy to finally have this card.  Best part about it is that there were actually two of these in box full of Rays.    

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  1. Sounds like one heck of a trade. Gotta love it when both sides make out like bandits.