Saturday, January 16, 2016

Local Longo Trade

I am down to my last few days of my winter break.  Last week I decided to take a little bit of time out of my day to trade with a couple of local collectors.  I unloaded some of my extra cards helping one of them out with finishing up a few sets and a Mike Trout Topps Update rookie card.  I ended up with a giant box of Cardinals autographs, relics, and serial numbered cards.  There is a limit on how many cards I scan on put up on here.  Trading 1000 cards for 100 cards can probably be left alone without too many pictures.

I also traded a few autographs away for a couple of nice Longo cards and a pair of smaller cards.  Here are the cards I ended up with, going small to large.......

First up is the Yadier Molina saber variation from this year's Topps Update set.  Topps has been making these for two years now.  I have pulled a couple out of packs, traded for a few, and won a few cheap in auctions.  Not the flashiest variation, but still a really nice card.

Next up is a Tim Beckham black border from this year's Topps Chrome.  The card is numbered out of 100.  I am not sure if he is going to do much with the Rays this year, but hopefully he can land a job on the bench.  If not, he is still one of my favorite Durham Bulls players.  

Next up is a booklet.  I picked up a similar booklet of Longoria last year, also from Panini's National Treasures product.  Not the most expensive booklets in the world, but they still look really nice.  Plus they do a pretty good job of getting around the whole no logos thing on this card.  Last card and my favorite....

Really like the Five Star autographs, always a really good product.  This autograph is from the 2014 Five Star.  Very nice on-card autograph of the Rays third baseman and former Durham Bull.