Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Triple Threads Marp

There are a bunch of 2015 baseball card products I still have not touched yet this year in this blog space.  Currently there is a stack of cards sitting on the coffee table in my baseball card room that have been scanned, but not cropped or edited, and are waiting to be posted here.  Triple Threads, Supreme, Topps Tek, USA Baseball cards....there all here waiting to see the light of day.

So, where to start to clear the backlog?  I do not have a ton of time this evening so I am going to go with something simple.  One Triple Threads card.

I like Triple Threads.  I always pick up a bunch of them every year and always enjoy the product.  My focus in collecting the set is always around former Durham Bulls, usually Rays players, and a bunch of Cardinals players.  So, I am going to start off my Triple Threads collection this year with a Matt Carpenter card.  Here's a look........

I love the look of this year's Triple Threads cards.  This Matt Carpenter card is a sticker autograph, but it's still a very clean looking card.  The sticker is not very noticeable and well blended in with the gray background.  The bat relic is pretty nice looking too.  More Triple Threads post will be on the way.....

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