Sunday, November 15, 2015

Topps Pitches A One-Hitter

One of my favorite products last year was the Topps High Tek product.  I loved the Tek sets in the late 1990s and was ecstatic to see Topps relaunch the product last year.  I picked up a whole bunch of the Cardinals last year from both the base set and a few of the autographs too.  When I saw it on the card release calendar again this year I was ready to buy or trade in order to pick up some cards from the set.  Then I read the checklist and Topps nearly shut me out again.  Nearly.  

It appears that checklist contains only one Cardinals card and zero Rays cards.  How does this happen that Topps decides to completely exclude a team from a product?  I somewhat get the Rays being shut out occasionally, but the Cardinals?  Well, they are not quite shut out in this year's set.  I did manage to pick up the single Cardinals card in the base set.....

Ozzie also has an autograph in the set.  I am sure it will make it's way into my collection at some point.  I guess I was not completely shut out this time, just more of a one hitter.  I am not sure what other autographs I will add from the Tek set, but there are some decent other options outside of my favorite two teams.  


  1. Does Tek have a 40 card checklist or something? How is Ozzie the only Cardinal? No Yadier or Carpenter? Kinda sad. As an Athletics and Padres fan... I'm probably out of luck too.

    1. Shields in the set for the Padres and Canseco for the A's. OT-Padres did a great job on the Kimbrel trade. Good set of prospects.

  2. Matt Shoemaker and Jose Canseco have cards but not Heyward or Carp..