Tuesday, May 19, 2015


There have been a lot of Bowman posts on this space during the past few weeks.  I like minor league guys, Bowman is filled with minor league guys, seems like a natural fit.  Right?  However, I am actually more excited about a set of veteran player cards in this year's Bowman set than the rookie/young guys.  I have got all summer to pick up the young guys, well probably longer than that, there is not really a time deadline on completing a set.....

So, I mentioned a few posts back about my love of the Flashback insert set.  I landed a copy of the non-autographed Moises Alou card in my jumbo box and have been working on adding some of the other cards over the past week.  Let me catch you up with the latest additions.  First, I picked up another copy of a base card:

A few more will be showing up later in the week, or early next week.  However, the really big pick up in the past week has been this card........

I am going to add a few more of these Flashback autographs, but completing the entire set is going to be a definite challenge.  The hardest card is likely going to be the Frank Thomas card which is both hard to find and expensive in price.  Still, it's a small set and I would love to give it a run.

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