Monday, May 4, 2015

Winner of A Wong

I found a pretty good deal on a Kolten Wong card last week that I really wanted to add to my collection.  I have been slowly getting around to picking up some of the 2015 Cardinals autographs and relics after laying low for the first part of the spring.  Really the Topps base set did not have much for Cardinals fans in terms of hit cards to chase down, but now that Gypsy Queen, Museum Collection, and Bowman have dropped I finally have a few things on my list of cards that I am looking to add.

This Wong card cost me a little bit more than $10.  His card prices have settled down a bit after being somewhat of a roller coaster the past year and a half.  Honestly, they have generally trended down since he was not given the starting job last spring and struggled to be consistent once the Cardinals brought him up for good.  He's off to a pretty good start so far this season though with a couple of home runs including a walk off job Sunday against the Pirates.

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  1. Nice card! I have Wong as my middle infielder on my main fantasy team this year, and he's been pretty solid so far.