Monday, May 4, 2015


We are now a month into the baseball season and the year is looking good for both the Cardinals and the Durham Bulls.  I use the #MyCardMonday posts to frequently highlight a player or card from those two teams and this week is going to be no different.  I spent my Sunday afternoon flipping back and forth between the Durham Bulls/Pawtucket game and the Cardinals/Pirates game.  It was fun to see both games, but after watching the games the choice for this week's #MyCardMonday was really a no brainer.

Carpenter seems to be on track for an MVP season with an OPS+ of 191 with 18 extra base hits in 23 games.  Those 18 extra base hits include 14 doubles, 1 triple, and 3 home runs.  Carpenter is currently on pace for a ridiculous 125 doubles this season which would smash the single season record held by 1930s Red Sox outfielder Earl Webb who hit 67 in 1931.  There is even a Carpenter doubles tracker floating around on Twitter showing Carpenter's pace along with Earl Webb and Joe Medwick.  Medwick holds the Cardinals team record with 64 two baggers in 1936.  

I am not sure what the numbers on this graph stand for, I might be doubting it's accuracy, but it's going to be a fun race to follow throughout the season.  Carpenter ended the 2013 season with 55 doubles, so he has certainly been in the neighborhood of the record in prior years.  Maybe I need to make an accurate graph of the doubles race.  Hmmm....

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