Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cross One Off The List....

I started a list off to the side of my blog -----> awhile ago that included ten cards I was looking to add to my collection.  I believe that one is actually a bobblehead.  Anyway, I added one of the cards fairly quickly, but have not been too swift with finding much else on the list.  Some of the cards are out there and I am probably being a little bit picky on what I am willing to trade/buy for.  Others are just going to be tough.  That Beckham and Rugginao seem to not exist, but I know they do.

Well, it's finally time to cross off a card.  My newest card off my Void List (I don't like that name anymore-it's going to change) is this great looking 2014 Bowman Alex Reyes autograph.

Reyes cards have been gaining a bit of momentum through the first half of the season as the tall right handed pitcher is now considered the best prospect in the Cardinals system by many.  In 7 starts this season Reyes has a 1.78 ERA and 58 strikeouts in 35 innings playing for the Cardinals Palm Beach High A team in  the Florida State League.  I am sure that Reyes will stay in A ball a bit long this season, but at some point I think he will graduate to Double A.  Still another two or three years away from St. Louis I would guess (being conservative), but always nice to add these cards to the collection.

Here's a look at Reyes pitching last year against the Burlington Royals if you have never seen this player in action.....


  1. Awesome addition. Given how it's a sticker I assume it's a retail auto?

    It's absurd how the Cardinals still have all these nice prospects coming up.

    1. I did not pull the card out of a pack, but I would assume that this is retail. Yes. The Cardinals do have some nice prospects in their system still, but almost all of them are in the lower minors at the moment. Not much help in AAA or AA.

  2. If you are interested in my Reyes I'm willing to deal that card