Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Topps Pro Debut Hit Cards

I delved into my two Topps Pro Debut cards last night.  If you follow my Instagram page you have probably already seen some of these cards, but if not you're in luck.  Each box of Pro Debut features two autographs and two memorabilia cards.  The term "memorabilia" has a fairly liberal application in this product as you will see below.......

First Box (Drum Roll)

My two autographed cards came from Braves outfield prospect Robby Hefflinger and Cardinals corner infielder Patrick Wisdom.  Both players have some big power potential.  Hefflinger and Wisdom are both currently in AA.  A little bit of a slow start for both, but hopefully they can pick up the pace as the season goes along.  

My first "memorabilia" hit out of my box was a more traditional hit.  This patch piece from Reds prospect Michael Lorenzen is a pretty nice piece, but it seems to be a rarity in this product.  Most of the hits I have seen coming out of this product seem to fit more closely with the other three memorabilia cards I pulled out of my boxes.  

This Lucas Giolito Pennant card seems to be a little bit closer to what comes out of a lot of the Pro Debut boxes.  While I really like the Pro Debut product, I am not quite sure how I feel about these cards yet.  I have picked up several of these logo type cards over the past two or three years, but I think I liked them a little bit better when the logo was more free standing and not incorporated into a pennant, or other object on the card.  Like this one.....

On a side note I was a little bit sad to also see my Durham Bulls get shut out of the logo patch set for the first time in several years.  I guess maybe they were short on player candidates this year.  Although a Taylor Motter card with a Bulls patch would be sweet.  Just a thought.

Second Box

Yep, it's Robby Hefflinger again.  He is easily the MVP of my Pro Debut boxes.  This is a gold parallel autograph which is numbered out of just 50 copies.  My other autograph is Mike Papi from the Indians A ball team.  Papi is hitting below .200 for his minor league career which is disappointing for a former first round pick.  However, I got to see him play in college for Virigina and can tell you he was a pretty good college player.  Definitely a fun person to watch and he played on some good teams with other good players.

Derek Hill was a first round draft pick of the Tigers last year and this is another logo pennant card.  It's hard to say for sure, but it seems like almost everyone I have seen open a box of Pro Debut has pulled one of these cards.  I am guessing they are one per box.  Which brings us to one of the most bizarre/unique cards I have ever pulled out of a box.

I have no words for this outside of the fact that I now own a part of the Lake County Captains mascot costume.  His name is Skippy.  I'm done here.


  1. Nice break.
    I like the Fragments Of The Farm insert relics (partly because my local Staten Island Yankees are in it), it reminds us all that there's more to minor league baseball than just the players and random team names.

    You hit some nice names with the hits too. Lorenzen made it to the bigs and has a ton of supporters, the autograph subjects you pulled are off to slow starts but I do know a few people who're high on both Papi and Wisdom.

  2. If your willing to trade one of those Hefflingers let me know. I have some Rays I could put together for you.

    jeffreymatthewjones (at) gmail DOT com

  3. The mascot relic is pretty cool card. Nice to do something a little different with the Mascots

  4. Always great to pull a Redbird Auto-never gets old