Sunday, October 13, 2013

Die Cut Kick

The Topps Chrome posts from last weekend have put me in a bit of a die cut kick during the past week.  I went back through some of my old card boxes and found a couple of cool die cut cards from yesteryear, thinking of making a post, and also scoped out the die cut market on a few trade pages, Ebay, and COMC.  There were plenty of newer die-cuts from some of the newer Topps sets, but nothing really seemed to be calling my name until I saw an old cheepy Pacfic on Ebay. 

2000 Pacific Greg Maddux

The Gold Cut Crowns were seeded at a 1:25 rate with a box being 24 packs.  Not the toughest find, considering some of the odds on the Pacific die cuts could range into the 1:700 or higher range, but still these were some really cool looking cards.  It's hard to tell on the scan, but the card has some pretty cool hologram action in the background with numbers and fireworks.  I am always surprised at how cheap these cards on different secondary sites.  This card cost me a whole dollar minus one cent.  Shocked, but I am going to keep looking for these. 

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  1. It's weird... back in the late 90's and early 2000's, I wasn't a big fan of Pacific products. But these days... I absolute love those die-cut products. Plus it's an insert of Maddux... so that makes it double awesome.