Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Venerable Old Card Part 55

Back in 1993 Topps came up with the idea of inserting Black Gold cards into packs of cards.  There were also winner cards which could earn collectors a set of 11, 22, or 44 cards from the set.  The Black Gold set was a total of 44 cards, so that 44 card redemption card was really popular.  I never pulled a redemption card, but I did pick up several of the single cards.  Especially the single Cardinals cards in the set.

The best Cardinals card in the set, in my opinion, belongs to one of my 90s favorite players Ray Lankford.  It's a really great looking card at the time and I feel like the set has aged fairly well over the last twenty some years.

I am not sure that the scan really does the gold foil along the top and bottom of the card much justice, but it looks nice contrasted with the black background in the middle of the card behind the picture of Lankford.  The Topps Black Gold logo up at the top of the card looks nice too.  

Back of the card.....

and here is the real reason that I really like this card.  It's nice that Ray Lankford was a Topps Rookie All-Star and that he played college football a junior college in California.  The most important thing back here is mention of Lankford's 1991 cycle against the Mets.  If you are a long time reader you've probably seen a post mentioning this game before, but I attended the game.  It's probably one of the coolest things that I have seen in person at a baseball game.

I still have my scorecard and I also have the ticket stub from the game.  One thing that I have tried to do since I saw this game is to find baseball cards that mention the cycle game.  I have found several over the years including this 1993 Topps Gold card.

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