Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Five: Top 5 Sets from 2008

5. 2008 Topps- It's not my favorite Topps set of all-time or anything close to that, but this was one of the better designs that Topps came out with during this era.  I like the team name at the top and clean white borders around the edge.  That describes most of the 2000s Topps era sets though.  I am not sure that I love the placement of the Topps logo protruding into the middle of the picture frame, but in a thin year like 2008, this set makes the list.  

4. 2008 Donruss Elite- I am glad that Panini brought back college baseball cards this year.  I am still working on landing a few of them, but in the meantime I still love going back and looking at the Donruss Elite sets from this era.  There are some good names in these sets and I love the looks of the patch cards with the college logos.  

3. 2008 Topps Heritage- This was a cool looking set based on the 1959 Topps set.  Love the design.  This set was also a little bit harder than the average Heritage set to assemble for set builders.  The 2008 set was the first year that Topps put out a high numbers set which boasted the set up to 720 cards with even more short printed cards than the normal Heritage product.  

2.  Topps Allen & Ginter- This is one of my favorite Allen & Ginter designs.  These are just simple clean cards.  The autograph check list is a little lighter than other Ginter sets, but there are still some nice names floating around for collectors to add to their collections.  

1.  2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces- Not quite as good as the original, but still a really really good set.  The cards look beautiful and I could literally spend time just sitting and looking at the artwork in the base set.  Add in some really nice on card autographs and this is one of the real winners from 2008.  Unfortunately this was the last year that Upper Deck produced this set.  I know a lot of fellow collectors who miss this product.  


  1. I would have questioned your sanity had Masterpieces not been at #1 ;)

    1. I am glad you did not Fuji! It's a great set.