Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Durham Bulls season has now been over for almost a month, but I am going to give one of their players the space on #MyCardMonday for their great work playing in the Majors for the Tampa Rays.  Here's a black parallel of Mikie Mahtook's 2014 Topps Heritage Minor League set from last year.  

Mahtook's line in Durham this year was rather disappointing.  Mikie spent most of the summer shuttling in between Durham and Tampa, at bats did not come at regular intervals, and his performance took a turn for the worst.  However, the Rays have been finding at bats for Mahtook and his play, especially at the plate, has been on the upswing.  For the month of September the Rays outfield prospect has hit .349/.397/.683 with 5 home runs, 1 triple, and 4 doubles.  I am hoping to see a few of these out of him next summer.....

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