Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Bauer Outage

It has been a while since I have done a USA Baseball autograph, but I found a really cool card from the Upper Deck years cheap on Ebay last week.  Upper Deck did not hold the license for the USA Baseball team for very long, but they made some really nice products during their brief run.  I like these By The Letter cards, which they normally put into the SP Authentic set, and have never added one of these from a USA Baseball player.  As a Cardinals fan I have looked into the Kolten Wong version of this card, but have never tracked one down for the right price.

As an added bonus, for exactly $0.99, I also added a copy of the Johnny Field 2012 USA Baseball autograph pictured below:

This is my second copy of this card featuring the Rays prospect during his time with the USA Baseball College Team.  He helped the University of Arizona win a National Championship during his time in college.  He should be a Durham Bulls player next year, I thought he might have been up at this end of this year.  Never happened.  Definitely a player I am looking to work on this offseason.

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