Thursday, October 22, 2015

Friday Five: Top 5 World Series of the Last 30 Years

We have the World Series starting next week.   Mets are in. Right now it is looking a lot like the Royals are going to win the American League, but I will give the Blue Jays a small chance to pull off the reverse 1985 by coming back from 3 game to 1.  Back in 1985 the Royals were down 3 to 1 and won the series in seven games.  So, for this week's Friday Five I am counting down the best World Series from the last 30 years.  I have a few honorable mentions before I get to my 5....

Honorable Mention 1- 2004 Red Sox vs Cardinals 

It's to really say that the 2004 World Series was really competitive since the Red Sox swept the Cardinals.  As a Cardinals fan, I can say that the team really never had much of a chance after Game 1.  More importantly the Red Sox ended their long World Series drought.  As a baseball fan it almost felt as if the World Series was a forgone conclusion after the team fought back from a 3-0 deficit to their rival Yankees in the American League Championship Series.  The team went on to win two World Series titles over the next decade.

Honorable Mention 2- 2005 White Sox vs Astros 

Similar to the 2004 Red Sox, the White Sox had endured a long World Series drought.  The 2005 team did not steam roll the competition, but they won a lot of close games in the American League Championship Series and World Series.  There was not really a star player on the team.  Frank Thomas was still on the White Sox roster during the 2005 season, but was inactive for the World Series.  The World Series ended in a sweep, but again the games were pretty close contests.

Honorable Mention 3- 1993 Blue Jays vs Phillies 

The Blue Jays were the better team in the series and rightfully won the Fall Classic in 6 games.  The Phillies still had their moments though, most notably was Curt Schilling's performance in Game 5.  Really, I put this on the list because there has only been one walk off World Series deciding home run during the past twenty-five years and this was it....A classic...

5. 1997 Marlins vs Indians 

The Marlins were a loaded team.  The Indians were a loaded team.  Lots of offense in this series that went all the way to a seventh game.  The Indians had the lead late in the game, trying to erase a World Series drought that extended back to 1948, but Jose Mesa blew the save opportunity.  Eventually the Marlins won the game on a walk off single by shortstop Edgar Renteria.  


4. 2002 Angels vs Giants 

The Giants had the best player in baseball in Barry Bonds and a chance to close out the World Series in Game 6.  The team was up 5-0, but lost the game after giving up a three run home run to Scott Spiezo and then a two run double to Troy Glaus.  Game 7 featured a spectacular outing by rookie John Lackey who shut down the Giants offense.  

3.  2011 Cardinals vs Rangers 

Game 6 with the David Freese two out, two strike double, Lance Berkman two out, two strike game tying single, and Freese's walk off home run might put this series on the last.  Add in a game with a player hitting three home runs, a few good games by the Rangers and an MVP caliber performance by Mike Napoli, a seventh game, a great pitching performance by Chris Carpenter....I could go on and on.  Lots of good stuff in this World Series.  

2.  1991 Twins vs Braves 

Again, one game could have put this World Series on the list.  The Game 7 extra innings dual between John Smoltz and Jack Morris ranks as one of the classic Fall Classic games.  Also add in four games decided in the final at-bat, including Game 7, three extra inning games, and four one run games.  In the end the Twins won the Series taking home their second banner in five years.  I love the Kirby Puckett Game 6 walk off home run....

1.  2001 Diamondbacks vs Yankees

The 2001 World Series went seven games.  Two of the games were blowout wins for the DBacks, but the rest of the games were close and competitive with a lot of late inning drama.  The defining moment of the series came in Game 7 when the Diamondbacks mounted a come from behind victory against Mariano Rivera, who had been untouchable in the Postseason up till this game....

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