Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stan the Man

Before you read any further, you must start the video above, and listen to the song while you are reading the post.....

I picked up a few cards from a collector I frequently buy and trade with on Facebook.  I actually have several of these hanging out in a crate, but I cannot really say no to an affordable Stan Musial autograph.  Here is a look at the signed postcard.....

Back in the day these were really easy to run across in St. Louis.  At some point Stan Musial started a memorabilia company that dealt with merchandising different items, including autographs, that featured the likeness of Stan Musial.  They had lots of cool stuff, but much of it was out of my price range.  However, the company did send out postcards to fans who wrote to the company.  Much like teams send out fan packs, Stan the Man, sent out autographed postcards.  Most of the postcards I have seen like this, including mine, are signed in blue.  I am guessing the black ink was a later version of the postcard.  

If you are looking for a Stan Musial autograph to add to your collection these are fairly cheap, easy to find, and have a identification on the back of the postcard showing it came from Stan Musial's memoribilia company.  


  1. I've seen these on eBay before and considered grabbing one for my collection. Hundred times nicer than those 2015 Leaf autographs of him.

    1. I like the blue signatures better and they are not expensive. Considering they were issued by his own memorabilia company there is a low risk with them. They are a cool item.