Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 Allen & Ginter Part 3: Standard Sized Non-Sport Inserts

I am going to split the non-sport inserts into two posts.  I will talk a little bit about the non-sport minis on a post I am working on just about the different minis available in this year's Ginter product.  The non-sport inserts have long been a popular staple in Allen & Ginter and something that I have enjoyed collecting over the past decade.  I usually end up putting a few of these together every year.  I have not quite decided where I am going with these this year, but here's is a look at two sets that I am considering adding to my collection and two that I have crossed off the list....

Ancient Armory- This is a 20 card set, and while I pulled a few of these from my box, I am probably not going to put this set together.  This reminds me of the lower level of an art museum where there is inevitably some room filled with fancy swords and spears.  There are also a things that are club like objects from Mesopotamia.   Not too interested.  How could Topps have improved this set?  Perhaps if they had put in an iron maiden I would have been more into collecting this set.....

Menagerie of the Mind- Maybe.  It's 20 cards, and while I expected this set to be more Dungeons and Dragons, there are cards for leprechauns and unicorns.  Also a zombie card, making this an all around interesting mix.  This set seems to lack a little bit of direction.  What could Topps have done to make this set better?  Perhaps a Lucky Charms set, or a villains of Austin Powers set.  Again, not sure this is the set for me. 

What Once Would Be- This is only a ten card set and I kind of dig the artwork.  A definite possibility.  There is a mail parachute card too, got to find out what that's all about.  No video here?    

Keys to the City- I like this set too.  It's 10 cards, there is an Arch card, and an Alamo card.  I think I am sold on this one.  Check back with me next week.  

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