Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Five: Top 5 Board Games (Indoor Recess Version)

One of my favorite baseball writers is Keith Law.  I like reading his work and he's a pretty fun follow on Twitter, Instagram, and blogs.  One of the things that I find interesting about him is the fact that he posts a lot of other things outside of baseball.  There is food, music, novels, and board games.  He offers up some cool takes on those subjects at times, other times not so much.   Tonight I am going to focus on the board games list that Keith puts out as part of his blog work.

If you don't want to click on the list above I am just going to tell you that it is missing a lot of good ones off of his list.   I know that Keith is into board games, but he missing the really important ones.  This is top 25 games as played by two players:

After reading this list my only thought was: "Where is Cootie?"  As a fourth grade teacher with fifteen years worth of experience with indoor recess I have a pretty good idea about cool board games and uncool board games.  I'd like to offer a little bit better insight into the world of board games than Mr. Law is offering his readers.   Presenting the Friday Five Top Board Games (Indoor Recess Version)

Disqualified:  Monopoly, Clue, and Life.  Recess is only 30 minutes.  We don't have an hour.  

Honorable Mention:
Chutes and Ladders



Onto the real list: 

5.  Boggle 

4.  Scrabble 

3.  Uno 

2.  Battleship 

1.  Connect Four 

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  1. WoW! I've played so much Chutes and Ladders on my childhood! That was *the* game!
    Of course Connect Four and Uno had some highlights too. Uno was so cool that every game had different rules.
    Those were the times!