Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Name is Kyle Parker, You Might Remember Me From A Clemson Football Game.....

I like picking up cards of players I see play at some of our local colleges here in North Carolina.  Being a baseball guy, I usually try to stick to the local baseball talent that comes out of Duke, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, and some USA Baseball College team players too.  There is the occasional football or basketball card, but I mainly stick with baseball.  Latest autograph in my collection is a baseball player, but I also saw him play a little football back in the day.

The Rockies have had the marker cornered on college quarterbacks.  Todd Helton, Seth Smith, Russell Wilson, and this guy Kyle Parker.  I saw Parker play a few games back in the day for the Clemson Tigers.  He was pre-Taj Boyd and led some impressive Tigers teams.  I remember this game vividly.  I sat in the NC State student section (I was a student at the time) with a co-worker who was from Clemson.  Clemson won by seven or eight or nine touchdowns.  C.J. Spiller happened.

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