Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tony Buckets Signature

I am really excited about this post today.  I have posted one T.J. Warren card since the NBA Draft, but it was a really inexpensive and slightly odd relic card from Panini.  I have been waiting, patiently, for something new to hit the market in way of Warren cards.  I am not a huge basketball card person, so while I can tell you that Bowman Draft is coming out in a week and a half, I have no idea when half of the basketball products hit the shelves.  It's basketball season, so I am guessing now?  Yes?  There are a few Warren autographs now floating around on secondary market sites, but this card was my number one target.

Warren was a really fun player to follow last year playing for NC State.  He won the ACC Player of the Year, the conference scoring title, and was the entitre Wolfpack basketball team some nights.  I am following along with TJ while he is playing in the NBA this year, but I will always prefer to see him in a red (or white) NC State uniform.

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