Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NC State Basketball Game 3- Hofstra

State took on Hofstra out of the Colonial Athletic Association Monday night in a home game at PNC.  Hofstra should compete for a league championship this year and was a little bit more of a challenge for NC State then their previous cupcaker against Jackson State.  The game followed many of the same trends with the guard play dominating the game for the Wolfpack.  

Positives- The guard play was great.  I had mentioned after the Jackson State game this weekend that Ralston Turner seemed to have difficulty fitting into the rotation.  Well, 24 points in 33 minutes is some pretty production out of his spot.  Lacey and Cat Barber were still productive two posting 16 and 15 points respectively.  Barber also continues to have an excellent turnover to assist ratio with 6 dimes last night with 1 turnover.  The team was ready to play from the beginning and asserted a nice fifteen point lead by halftime

Negatives- The team needs to get better productivity out of it's bigs.  Lennard Freeman was decent, but the rest of the front line did little scoring.  In fact, Trevor Lacey was the second leading rebounder after Lennard.  I'd love to see Abu or Anya really step up in one of the upcoming games.  With the great guard play the team has had through the first two games, an improvement in the post would really help the team open up the floor in the half court game.  They also seemed to take their foot off of the gas pedal during the second half.  Too many sloppy possessions.  How many failed lob passes did we have the second half?  Somewhere David Thompson was face palming.  

Player of the Game- Ralston Turner 24 points in 33 minutes with 3-4 shooting behind the arc.  

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