Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rays Prospect or Player From Ken Griffey's Winning Run?

Back in college I played some mean games of Ken Griffey's Winning Run on the Super Nintendo.  I think that somewhere in there Xbox came out, the Game Cube, and Nintendo 64, but I just kept playing my SNES and loved a lot of the sports games.  Winning Run was my favorite baseball game. It's only shortcoming was that the game featured made up player names.  The Cardinals had Dee Majors and Bill Peters instead of Ray Lankford and Brian Jordan.  It was still a fun game to play.  The game even had some pretty good depictions of the MLB stadiums.

One of my projects for this off season is to start a few new player collections.  Obviously some happen because of trades and free agent signings.  The Cardinals traded for Jason Hayward, so naturally I will buy or trade for a few of his cards.  Besides picking up player collections from off season transactions I can also look down the minor league systems of the Rays and Cardinals a bit.  Last season the Rays Minor League Player of the Year was A Ball outfielder Johnny Field.  That name sounds a lot like one of the players off of the Ken Griffey Winning Run Baseball game, but that's seriously the guys name.

Field was drafted by the Rays out of the University of Arizona and spent last year split between the team's two A ball teams in Charlotte and Bowling Green posting a .300/.376.488 mark with 13 home runs, 36 doubles, 58 RBIs, and 23 steals.  Seems like the sort of person who could end up in Durham with the Bulls sooner than later, so I am starting to dabble a little bit with his cards.  Picked up a pretty good one for card number one of the Johnny Field collection.

This is the gold version of Johnny Field's 2014 Bowman Chrome autograph.  The card is limited to just a total of 50 copies.  While Field is in A ball he actually has quite a few autographs out on the secondary market.  He spent a few summers hanging out in Cary, North Carolina playing for the USA Baseball program and has a fair number of autographed and relic cards from Panini's USA Baseball set.  I have several more Field cards en route and will posting a few more cards of the Rays prospect over the next week or two...  

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