Sunday, September 14, 2014


I love the looks of this card, but at the time I picked it up I was not necessarily a huge fan of Lance Lynn.  Yes, he's on the Cardinals and he's a pretty good pitcher.  The inconsistency he displayed made him a hard player to watch at times prior to this season.  He would have a good game, then a bad game.  He would pitch well for four innings, then pout over an error behind him.  Aggravating.  Things have changed for the better for Lance Lynn this year.  Better outings, more consistency, great results.

Currently Lynn is sporting a 15-9 record with an ERA of 2.73 and 163 strikeouts in almost 200 innings.  An ERA+ of 134 and a WAR of 3.3.  There is no doubt that Lance Lynn has made himself a valuable part of the rotation.  The Cardinals have risen to the top of the National League Central standings and would not be anywhere close to where they are without this guy's big improvement.  


  1. As a Pirate fan we see him a lot and you are right that he looks like a different pitchers. A few times this year we had him on the ropes and he ended up pitching 6 or 7 innings. Last year he would have given up the runs and get pulled from the game. He does have an impressive stat line. The ERA+ is great.