Friday, September 12, 2014

Catchy Title About Evan Longoria

I picked up another card of Rays third baseman, and former/favorite Durham Bull, Evan Longoria.  I picked this card up off of Twitter early this week from a collector looking to part with a few Rays cards.  There is always room in my collection for a new Longo card, especially one as nice as this Topps Tribute card.

It's been a long and disappointing year for the face of the Tampa Rays which has caused a steady slide in the price of his cards over the course of the summer.  I still love collecting him though and he will always be a player I try to add to my collection now matter how he is playing, or where he is playing.  Hopefully Tampa, by the way.  So many good memories of Longo and hopefully a good bounce back season next year.  I'd love to see the Rays back in the playoffs.....I miss this.....

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