Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Myers Graph

I have posted several Museum jumbo relics over the past few days, but I have also managed to pick up a few autographs from the Topps high product too.  Similar to the relics, the autographs have also trended a little bit lower than some of the other traditional high end Topps products.  I had this Myers autograph scouted out for a few days and was really surprised at how little the price moved leading up to the end of the auction.  I ended being able to pick up the card for less than the jumbo relics. 

The autograph is the usual Wil Myers scrawl which I really think hurts his card values sometimes.  Honestly, I really like Myers and enjoyed watching him play in Durham last year, but feel a little bit squeamish spending money for his end autographs when there does not appear to be much effort put into signing the cards.  It could be why his autographs in high end products, like Museum, have a hard time crossing $20. 

1 comment:

  1. One of the worst sigs out there. I have his auto from Topps Chrome (pack pulled) but i won't be purchasing any others