Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kevin Pillar, Not Admiral Ackbar

I love the Inception autographs from last year and recently ran across one of International League favorite Kevin Pillar.  Pillar is a prospect in the Blue Jays organization and spent last year in Buffalo.  He also spent a little bit of time up in the Majors with the Blue Jays.  Bowman included the 2011 draftee out of Cal State-Dominguez Hills in an on card autograph in the set.  Really a nice looking card. 

I might be a little partial to this set, but this is a really good looking card.  Nice close up action picture with an on-card autograph.  Can't be beat.  I still have not seen Pillar in person, but started paying attention to him last year when the Durham Bulls tweeted out this scoreboard shot of, then Buffalo Bisons outfielder, Kevin Pillar. 

I'm a big fan of Admiral Ackbar.  I thought Ole Miss should have probably used him as their new mascot.  They really missed the boat. 

I was happy to see Pillar get promoted up to the bigs after a great showing in the International League.  Hopefully I will get to see a game with the Buffalo Bisons this year (seeing Marcus Stroman would be a bonus too).  If Pillar is up again then I guess I cannot complain.  He struggled a bit in his first trip up, but did end up hitting the longest (time wise) first home run in the history of Major League Baseball (record is not official)

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