Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Instagram Helton

I am still getting the hang of Instagram, but I did open an account awhile ago and have dabbled with it here and there over the past few months.  I am using the account more for show than for trade, but I am always willing to listen.  In the few months that I have had my account open, I have been offered a chance to trade several times, but I generally try to avoid middle school and high schoolers with trades.  Nothing personal, but just I rule I have followed the past few years.  There are plenty of cards in my collection that I do blog about, so it's also a good place to showcase some of my other cards.

Anyway, I completed my first Instagram trade a few weeks ago, but never took the time to post the card.  I was really happy to find a cool old 90s card for trade on the site and was happy to swap out a few newer short prints and an inexpensive Mets autograph for this cool looking Todd Helton autograph.

I used to love the SP Authentic set and really enjoyed the run of Chirography autographed cards that Upper Deck put out during their final decade as a licensed baseball card marker.  The 1998 set is one of my favorites.  The base set looks great and the autographed set design closely follows the base set.  This card is from the land before sticker autographs too, so the very nice looking Helton autograph is signed on card.  Very happy with this card and the addition to my collection.  

While I am not going to be making a ton of trades on Instagram, it seems like a handy tool for collectors, and a great way to show off new cards.  Maybe some ballgame pictures too.  

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