Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Topps Acetate Todd Helton

I have been keeping my eyes on the Acetate cards after landing my first copy of the new parallel set last week.  Kyle Lohse was a nice card, but I still figured I could probably do a little bit better.  My hopes were dashed a bit when players like Justin Upton had their cards reaching $80 or more.  There is an odd absence of Cardinals acetate cards floating around (Joe Kelly did cross $100) and the Rays cards have been ridiculous.  There is a copy of the Wil Myers card floating around for $125, but I am not going to pay that.  Apparently nobody else is either.

The Helton card caught my eye after it sat around $20 for a few days.  I was surprised, but I decided to follow the auction for the card on Ebay and was able to land this copy for $26.  Just as reference point, that's the same amount of money, or less, then the cards of Wily Peralta, Jim Adduci, Anthony Rizzo, Leonys Martin, and Dustin Ackley?

The card is just simply spectacular.  Really happy to land a parallel copy of the last Helton base card from Topps limited to just 10 copies for so little.  Here's the card:

The backs of the cards are cool too:


  1. I was thinking long and hard about bidding on that one. It seemed like a good price compared to others out there. I didn't in this case, but I do want an acetate example.

  2. I did some vulture-type circling overhead of an Andrew Cashner acetate card that was at $22 for a while, and then contacted the seller and offered to take it off his hands for $18. The backs of these are awesome.

  3. I am with ya I have been checking for Yadi's clear and I have yet to see one pop up.