Monday, April 2, 2012

Fox Sports Cards in Marion, Illinois

I am blogging on the road this week and will be stopping by some card shops that are new to me and some that I have been visiting for years.  This afternoon I found myself driving in southern Illinois and stopped by a new card shop in Marion, Illinois that was recommended to me by a former student.  Always up for an adventure I wandered off of Interstate 57 and down Illinois Route 13 to the small town of Marion, Illinois.  I actually went to undergrad an hour west of Marion at Southeast Missouri and had passed by the town several times in my life, but never stopped.  I was really impressed with the small downtown area in away from the highway.  Neat looking houses, cobblestone streets, and a really cool town clock tower surounded by a traffic circle (a must in any small Southern Illinois town). 

Fox Sports Cards is actually in the town cirlce and is a great looking shop from the outside and inside.  It's in an older building that has been shown a lot of love and I like the idea of a card shop that is next to a city hall.  The inside of the shop is also awesome.  Very neat and clean with a giant card display cases that holds baseball, football, basketball, and wax.  The store also has memoribilia, t-shirts and jersey, and other cool fan collectibles scattered throughout. 

The staff of the store was awesome.  I am not a huge fan of the GPS and can tell you about the downtown area of Marion, Illinois because I circled it twice trying to find the shop.  I called the store and the staff was happy to point me in the right direction.  They took a no pressure approach to sales and just let me look.  The baseball section of the store had a case of modern, shiny cards and a case of vintage.  The cards were, as they should be, heavily Cardinals with a few Cubs and nice Hall of Fame caliber players mixed in throughout.  I stuck with shiny and modern with a vintage twist and picked out one Stan Musial relic card from 2009 Topps Heritage and also got two packs of 2012 Topps Heritage.  I also got a complimentary pack of Lineage from last year for stopping in.  So how did I do? 

2009 Topps Heritage Forbes Stadium Relic Stan Musial

2012 Topps Heritage Reverse Image Miguel Cabrera and Hunter Pence Jersey Card

2012 Topps Lineage

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