Sunday, April 22, 2012

2001 Pacific Private Stock Collection

I started this collection during the summer of 2001 and have accumulated the majority of the 182 jersey and bat cards in the set and many of the variations within the set.  I could scan and post the cards I have collected, but I am not sure how much space I want to dedicate to dedicate to the likes of Ruben Rivera and Gil Meche.  Instead I am going to focus on my favorite three favorite cards from the set.

My favorite card from the set is the Mark McGwire bat card.  At the time the set was released it was a controversial card given that McGwire had an exclusive contract with Upper Deck and few relics or certified autographs for collectors.  Pacific also included a Sammy Sosa jersey card in the set, but copies are nearly impossible to find.  The McGwire card may be controversial and short printed, but I own two copies, and paid less than twenty dollars for both on Ebay.  There are usually a couple of Buy It Now copies for $100, but if you like the card and are patient you can do much better with the price.

2001 Pacific Private Stock Mark McGwire Bat Card

The last two cards are a little less exciting than the McGwire card, but cool nonetheless.  The majority of relics in the set are either bats or jersey, but Pacific also included patches cards too.  The patch cards are a skip set, so only some of the players with a jersey or bat also have a patch card.  In some cases, Pacific's choices with the patch pieces were head scratchers.  The Cardinals set included Will Clark, J.D. Drew, Edmonds, McGwire, Edgar Renteria, and Garrett Stephenson.  Of course the only patch card of a Cardinals player is Garrett Stephenson.  There are some solid patches in the set, but there are plenty of Adam Piatt's too.  

2001 Pacific Private Stock Garrett Stephenson Patch Card

Last card for the day and another favorite from the set.  The 2000 season was the last decent half season for Mark McGwire in a Cardinals uniform.  McGwire actually injured his knee in the middle of the year and the Cardinals made a trade for Will Clark.  At the time Will Clark was old and not doing much for the Orioles.  However, his Cardinals career lasted 51 games and produced 12 home runs, 42 rbis, a .345 average, and an OPS of 1.081.  He led the Cardinals to the NLCS where he batted .412.  I am indifferent to Will Clark cards as a Ranger, Orioles, and even Giants.  However, I try to pick up his Cardinals cards.  I consider this card to be the best relic of Clark in a Cardinals uni.  

2001 Pacific Private Stock Will Clark Bat Card


  1. Nice choices - I am the Sosa short of the set and have 8 of the patches - Tony Gwynn being the highlight.
    Some of the Jersey cards are more interesting than some of the patches - when you get a slice of a letter or name and 99% the rest white - not my idea of a patch.

    1. Have you ever heard a production number on the Sosa card?