Sunday, May 19, 2019

A 1980s Card Part 2 - 1981 Topps Traded Joaquin Andujar

I complain a lot about bad airbrushing on modern baseball cards.  Really, it has not improved very much since 1981.  The Cardinals hat looks too small, or the STL logo is somehow not proportionate, not really sure which is the case.  The red, white, and blue striping around the neckline is decent though. 

This is a really underrated card, and underrated player with the 1980s Cardinals.  Andujar was an important player with the Cardinals for five or six years.  He started a bunch of important playoff games during his time in St. Louis.

Some went well, like the seventh game of the 1982 World Series....

Some did not go so well, like the seventh game of the 1985 World Series....

In the regular season, Andujar won 68 games in 5 season, including two 20 win seasons.  Good player on some really good Cardinals teams.  Still, I do not see this card pop up too often considering the role he played on some of the better Cardinals teams.  For years, I think the earliest Andujar card I had of him on the Cardinals was his 1982 Topps.  Another nice card with a side profile of Andujar, I will give it a post at some point.  

This 1981 Topps Traded card is not one that I owned as a kid, but as I an adult I found it at some point and have liked it ever since.  Even with the bad airbrushing, at least it's not pixelated.  

A song or movie I like from 1981....

The Specials.  Any song with an organ solo is solid.  


  1. I remember the days of Andujar being the Cardinals ace... but don't remember this card. Probably b/c I didn't pick up this Topps Traded set until a few years ago.

  2. This guy will always be remembered for his nickname "Walking Underwear". Was that a Chris Berman creation?