Saturday, September 1, 2018

Set Project: 1983 Kellogg's

I have done a few set projects over the years, never anything with an "oddball" set though.  I am not even sure why some of the cereal cards from the 1970s and 1980s are given that classification.  "Oddball" makes it seem like they have second rate photography, poor design, or the logos are airbrushed off of the uniforms.

I have some interest in putting together a bunch of the different Kellogg's sets at some point, but to start out, I am going to go with one of the easier ones to assemble.  Still great looking cards though....

The 1983 set was the last year that Kellogg's put out a baseball card set.  Definitely the end of an era.  There are 60 cards in the set and I already own 9 of these.  Bascially the entire Cardinals team set along with a few players who had some sort of connection with the team, like Jack Clark and Don Baylor. 

I am going to post a checklist of what I need in a bit on the "Projects In Progress" tab at the top of the page.  I am hoping that I can fill most of this checklist with a little bit of time on COMC and maybe some hunting at a card show. 

I am starting out with 15% of the set, hoping to finish this in two months. 

1 Rod Carew 
2 Rollie Fingers 
3 Reggie Jackson 
4 George Brett 
5 Hal McRae 
6 Pete Rose 
7 Fernando Valenzuela 
8 Rickey Henderson 
9 Carl Yastrzemski 
10 Rich Gossage 
11 Eddie Murray 
12 Buddy Bell 
13 Jim Rice 
14 Robin Yount 
15 Dave Winfield 
16 Harold Baines 
17 Garry Templeton 
18 Bill Madlock 
19 Pete Vuckovich 
22 George Foster 
23 Willie Wilson 
24 Johnny Ray 
26 Andre Thornton 
27 Leon Durham 
28 Cecil Cooper 
31 Nolan Ryan 
32 Dan Quisenberry 
33 Len Barker 
34 Neil Allen 
35 Jack Morris 
36 Dave Stieb 
38 Jim Sundberg 
39 Jim Palmer 
40 Lance Parrish 
41 Floyd Bannister 
42 Larry Gura 
43 Britt Burns 
44 Toby Harrah 
45 Steve Carlton 
46 Greg Minton 
47 Gorman Thomas 
51 Fred Lynn 
52 Dale Murphy 
53 Kent Hrbek 
54 Bob Horner 
55 Gary Carter 
56 Carlton Fisk 
57 Dave Concepcion 
58 Mike Schmidt 
59 Bill Buckner 
60 Bob Grich

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  1. Have fun with this project. I love, love, love 70's and 80's Kellogg's baseball cards.