Monday, November 7, 2016

A Shiny Cards Card

I have really enjoyed watching Alex Reyes pitch during his brief stay in the Majors with the Cardinals.  Needless to say I am likely going to spend a fair amount of time in the coming years talking about his cards.  I have already posted a few on here the last year or two, but I am always a little hesitant to go all in on prospects at times.  One of my goals for this winter is to find a few of his autographs that I missed out on, particularly from this past summer.

My first Reyes card of the offseason comes from this year's Bowman Chrome set.  I found this card and liked its appearance and the fact that it has an on-card autograph.  Pretty sharp card and I found it at a pretty reasonable price.

Yeah, brevity.

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  1. He's going to be a thorn in the Cubs' side for years to come - such an impressive young arm!