Monday, November 28, 2016

Set Project #4: 2002 Bowman Futures Game Autographs

Yesterday I took a little bit of time to post a copy of a 2002 Bowman Futures Game autograph of slugging first baseman Carlos Pena.  I love the looks of these cards and have decided that these cards are going to be my next set project.  Doesn't seem like it's going to be too difficult, but there is that one set project up on that tab that's been there awhile now.

Always something difficult to find.

So, here is what I am starting out with......

The Wilson Betemit card from a few months ago.....

and the Carlos Pena card from yesterday.  

I also have a copy of the Ryan Ludwick card, but the autograph on the card is all but worn off.  I am not going to count it at this point.  Meaning we are going to run with this checklist as the cards that I need to finish off the set.....

#FGAJ-CH Carlos Hernandez 
#FGAB-TB Toby Hall 
#FGAJ-NJ Nick Johnson 
#FGAJ-DT Dennis Tankersley 
#FGAJ-JW Jerome Williams 
#FGAJ-RL Ryan Ludwick 
#FGAJ-JRH J.R. House 

I am starting out with 2 out of 9 cards, or 22% of the set.  Let the searching begin.......


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    1. One of my co-workers is from WV. Guy loves JR House, lots of stories.