Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Triple A All-Star Game Durham

I am just about two and half hours away from attending the Triple A All-Star which is being hosted by the Durham Bulls this year. I attended the Home Run Derby on Monday night and am excited about seeing the actual game tonight. 

I had to work today, but was could not wait for the end of my meeting. There are already a ton of people in downtown Durham for the game already and the gates of the Durham Bulls Atheltic Park are opening thirty minutes early for the All-Star game. The lineups are posted: 

I am probably most excited to see some of the Pacific Coast League players who I do not see in the International League, Pederson and Piscotty come to mind, but I will still be pulling for the home International League with the Durham Bulls and a few other personal favorites from other teams, like Steven Souza.  Should be fun and I will share more pictures tomorrow. 


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