Monday, July 28, 2014

My Card Monday #1

My timing on this post is a level two (below grade level), but the content is a level three (on grade level).  It's the first day of school around these parts and I was really excited to meet my class.  No time for blog posts this morning, but I had been planning this one for the better part of a week.  Just needed a little bit of extra sleep this morning to ensure that I was ready to return to work fully rested. On to the post.....

The concept of My Card Monday was actually started by Jimmy at Big D's Sports Cards.  If you have not checked his page out on Facebook or Twitter be sure to stop by and check him out.  The whole idea behind the day is to post cards that you have in your collection that you want to show off.  Jimmy has been doing this for several weeks on both his Facebook and Twitter pages and it's always cool to see what pops up.  High end, low end, old, new, and every thing in between.  Just a good time looking at cards.

My entry for My Card Monday comes from the 1998 Leaf set and features Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire.  Here is the card:


The card is from one of my favorite inserts from the late nineties.  I love this set and had actually pulled a bunch of these cards for a series of posts I am doing next month on 90s baseball cards.  Lots of good players and great looking cards in this set if you are looking for something new to add to your collection.  Each card is serial numbered, not too low, but the foil from is the real highlight.  Here's the back....

Here's the story behind the card.  I bought this in 1998.  I was a college student and a card shop guy at the time.  The card shops in St. Louis were really cool, but I went to college in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The card scene in Cape consisted of the Wal-Mart and Target card aisle and a card shop with a short cantankerous middle aged man.  I actually originally saw this card in the card shop in Cape.  I also saw that the card had a $50 price tag.  No thank you.

So, I ventured on to the internet and tried out Ebay.  This was my first purchase.  I think I bought the card for $15 and paid $17.50 with shipping.  Of course no Paypal so I went to the Cape Girardeau Schnucks and picked up a Western Union.  Two weeks later this was in my mail box.

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