Monday, July 7, 2014

Acetate Jay

One of the most pleasant surprises this year for Cardinals fans has been the play of Jon Jay.  With a crowded outfield of Matt Holliday, Allen Craig, Peter Bourjos,and prosepcts Randall Grichuk, Oscr Taveras, and Stephen Piscotty in Triple A Memphis it seemed that Jay was the odd man out in the mix.  However, Allen Craig has struggled mightily against right handed pitching, Matt Holliday has seemingly lost his power, and Bourjos is leading the world in strikeout rate. 

Meanwhile Jay is posting a .288/.347/.376 line. Dig a little a deeper into the numbers and he's posting a .376 average against lefties with a .512 slugging percentage.  It seems that hitting left-handed pitching was always one of Jay's shortcomings, but this year.  His overall line is not that spectacular, but it's not a terrible line from a guy who was viewed by most fans, as an expendable extra.  Given the lack of production from the other outfielders it would seem that Jon Jay is going to be playing out the year in St. Louis. 

Having Jay in St. Louis this year has given me an extra summer to pick up a few more of his cards.  Jay does not have many autographs out this year, nor relic cards, but there are still some nice finds out there.  This last week I was able to pick up a copy of a really awesome Jon Jay card. 

Everyone who reads this blog regularly knows how much I have enjoyed the new Acetate parallels that Topps has put out this year.  Translucent cards with only a print run of ten copies, these cards are one of the best new wrinkles Topps has put into their flagship base set in a long time.  Here's a look at the copy of the Jon Jay version:

and you have to see the back on an Acetate parallel.  It's one of the best parts....

I also must say that this is the second year in a row that Topps has given Jon Jay a really cool card card.  Last year it was a picture of Jay crashing into the picture of Tony LaRussa and his retired number on the outfield wall of Busch Stadium.  This year you have a cool picture of Jay and his High Socks Sunday look giving a high five to left fielder Matt Holliday.  How does Jon Jay get cool cards?  Who takes these pictures?  Can they take pictures of all the players that Topps puts into their sets?  Probably wishful thinking...

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  1. Jon Jay is a fantastic ballplayer and a Pirate killer. It seems like whenever we play you guys hes on base or making a ridiculous catch in the outfield. Like you, I love the acetate cards. Great grab, my friend.