Friday, July 11, 2014

2000 Topps MVP Promotional Ray Lankford

I am behind on posts and will spend a little time catching up today.  Two posts, one on cards and another on food.  I have wanted to do a cool food post.  Dabbled a little bit, but later today I am going full foodie for a few hours.  On to the cards....

I picked up a Ray Lankford last week that I was missing from my collection.  I am always hard pressed to find new Ray Lankford cards, but this is a card that I have rarely seen before and have never been able to land for my collection until last week.  Here's a picture of the card....

This card is apart of the 2000 Topps MVP Promotional Set.  If you are not familiar with the set it was apart of a set of cards that Topps put out via redeemable promotional cards throughout the summer of 2000.  Winners could cash in their redemption cards for a complete set of Topps MVPs. The MVPs were announced every week. There were a total of 25 MVPs named throughout the 2000 season including Ray Lankford during the first week of September.  The exact print run on these cards is hot debated, but it's believed that only 100 copies of each card exist.  The cards are pretty tricky to find and can be pretty expensive compared to other insert sets from the same era. 

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