Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bizarro World: 2010 Topps Sterling Bernie Williams Autograph/Quad Jersey

Social media is a funny place.  I am on Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook.  I've dabbled with Instagram and Tumblr and a few others along the way too.  The funny thing about the card world on social networking sites is that you generally have a group of people you can trade with, know their card interests, and can get some trading done.  Then there are always a few lurker-bys.  You know, people that are on your Twitter feed/Facebook friends, but they have an odd niche collection or they just congratulate people on cards.  A few of them make ridiculous offers on the high end cards that you pull or trade for.

So, this week I actually made a trade with a person I've never trade with before on Twitter.  I've noticed the person's handle and they've made a comment or two on a few cards I've posted.  It all started last week when I made a fairly harmless Tweet about pulling a Hank Foiles card out of a box of Topps Heritage.  It was during my vacation.

2012 Topps Heritage Hank Foiles Autograph

Hank Foiles is an okay autograph.  I looked over the checklist for the vintage guys in Heritage this year and would have loved a Stan Musial or a Dick Groat, but an autograph is an autograph.  I snapped a picture and posted it up on Twitter.  Literally ten seconds later I got a Direct Message from a follower identifying themselves as the biggest collector of 1960s Angels cards anywhere.  I posted my only other 60s Angels autograph of Jim Fergosi (signed in person) and was offered a trade package that wasn't very inspiring which happens sometimes with niche collectors.  They only have what they collect and if it's unique enough then it's hard to price.  Like Ray Lankford.  So, I was forced to look at his best card, which he apparently just got and he moonlights as a Yankees fan.  Hmmm.

2010 Topps Sterling Bernie Williams Autograph/Quad Jersey

Now, normally I can get pretty snarky about just taking cards for the sake of taking cards.  I also understand that the Foiles autograph is his only certified autograph and has actually been a pretty busy card on Ebay, but I was offered this Bernie Williams card for the two aforementioned Angels autographs along with a Troy Percival/Scott Shields dual autograph and a Tim Salmon jersey card.  Not even a Bernie Williams fan, but I took the card.  After sending my cards out and receiving my new Bernie Williams I received another DM telling me that I've been wiped out of 60s Angels cards and then unfollowed.  Definitely a win on your part buddy.  Thanks for the card.  


  1. Wait. Am I reading this right? You pretty much did the guy a favor by making this deal and then he figured you were tapped out and he unfollowed you?

  2. Tapped out of 60s Angels. You got it.

  3. Geeze. I know card collectors aren't exactly known for their social etiquette, but

    Still, I think you made out well. Foiles and Fregosi are both very great signers through the mail, so their autos aren't exactly hard to come by.