Thursday, March 28, 2013

2012 USA Baseball Trea Turner Dual Jersey/Autograph

I picked up my second Trea Turner autograph during the past week in a trade on my Facebook page.  In case you missed my other Turner autograph, he is a speedy infielder on the NC State baseball team.  As a freshman All-American, he was invited to spend last summer playing for the college All-Star version of the USA Baseball team which tours around to various minor league parks and plays against different international teams.  Turner was then also included in the Panani set of USA Baseball cards last year.

2012 Panini USA Baseball Trea Turner Dual Jersey/Autograph 

If you spent much time reading my blog you probably know that I am not a huge fan of the unlicensed cards and therefore do not spend much time, money, or effort picking up cards from Panini or Upper Deck.  However, the USA Baseball cards are a fully licensed product and I am really impressed by the quality of work Panini has done on this set.  Maybe they can change my mind...a little bit.  To add to my Trea Turner card, I also picked up another card of a local North Carolina product in the way of Rays pitcher Chris Archer.  

2012 Panini Signature Series Chris Archer Autograph

You will notice that this card is also a Panini product, but it is unlicensed and does not use the team name, Rays, or use the team logo anywhere on the card.  I still rather enjoy this card though for a few different reasons.  First, the giant Rated Rookie patch up in the corner reminded of the Donruss cards of my childhood.  Always loved seeing that little logo on the bottoms of the cards even if the guy turned out to be a total scrub.  I also really liked the design of the card which Panini has also used on their college patches the past several years.  

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