Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Lance Lynn Jersey/Autograph

I am a little bit behind on my work to finish up my Topps Heritage set for the year, but with Gypsy Queen being released this week, I decided to kick my work into high gear.  The Cardinals actually have a couple of really tough cards this year in the Heritage set which has required a little bit of extra effort in tracking down and trading for cards.  The best Cardinals card in the set is the dual David Freese/Stan Musial autograph, I would imagine this would be his last on card autograph, which is difficult to find and very expensive to actually acquire.  Maybe someday.  In the meantime, I have managed to add a nice autographed jersey card of Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn.

2013 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Lance Lynn Jersey/Autograph

As you can see from the scan Topps only made a grand total of 25 of this card which made it a tough find.  There have been a couple floating around on Ebay and one or two on different trade sites.  The Clubhouse Collection jersey/autographs tend to dry out quickly, so I knew that if I didn't add this card soon I would probably have little chance of picking it up later.  In fact, there are less than 20 of these cards on Ebay currently, from all the different Heritage runs, and only two of them are under $100.  Both of them are the David Freese autograph which I am also hoping to add.  Considering the price of the other Heritage Clubhouse Collection Jersey/Autograph this card was a bit of bargain for me.  Now, I just need to track down one of those Freese/Musial dual autographs...

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  1. Not for nothing, but your Cardinals collection is insanely awesome!!!!