Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A D-Day Card

Every once in awhile my schedule allows me a little bit of time on Monday nights to take in the weekly card chat on Twitter.  @Sooz who is a Topps employee comes up with a topic every week, posts a few questions about the topic, and off goes the conversation.  Last night's topic was all about oddball cards.  I have a few favorites oddballs hanging around the old card closet with my Topps Marble Shooters Ray Lankford card, err marble, being my favorite at the moment.  

There were all kinds of cool oddball cards brought up by different collectors.  It's really worth your time if you have never participated or you do not have a Twitter account.  Which brings me to an oddball that I had to go find and dig out of a box this evening.  

I was at work today and remembered that it was D-Day.  I work at a school and one of the subjects I teach, I teach fifth grade so I really teach them all, is Social Studies.  Fifth Grade Social Studies is American History, Government, and Economy.  So, back to my story of an oddball card.....

Long ago there was a cool card shop in south St. Louis County near Jefferson Barracks if you are familiar with the St. Louis metro area.  The card shop is now gone which has made my trips back to the Lou a little less interesting.  The shop was named Southtown Sluggers.  I discovered it one summer while helping someone track down a copy of a 1997 Topps Stars Adam Kennedy rookie as a part of my college summer job....that's for a different post.  

Anyway, I was putting together a few 1960s Cardinals cards.  As I recall I was working on the 1964 Topps cards at the time......

The guy who owned the store was always super cool.  I believe his name was Dave, always gave some good deals, or threw stuff in for little extra cost.  So, after picking out a bunch of 1964 Cardinals he pulled a few oddballs out of the vintage card box I was looking through, put them in sleeves, and in the team bag with the rest of the cards I bought.  

The cards were from the 1965 Topps Battle set.  I don't know a lot about the cards, but I do know that I have a Dwight Eisenhower card from the set.  Always been a pretty interesting card in my collection.....

All of the cards in the Battle set are all persons associated with World War II or some sort of action shot of something that happened during the fighting.  I thought it would be a cool card to share on D-Day.  Definitely an important day in US history and one of the decisive battles in World War II.  Also one cool oddball if you are a fan of history....


  1. Not an oddball to us non-sports collectors but not a common set either. I've been wanting one for several years now and have one coming in my COMC shipment. It's not as interesting as your Ike though.

  2. That Eisenhower is sweet! I don't think I've seen it before... or if I have, I don't remember it. I've been a big WWII guy since I was a kid watching Tora, Tora, Tora! and Sands of Iwo Jima. Hope you're enjoying the end of the school year activities with your students. Friday is my last day (technically I start teaching summer school next week) with the kiddies, when's yours?

    1. I teach at a year round school, so I have to go to June 30th. Seems painful, but I basically don't work in January and a big chunk of October. Seems like a decent trade off.

    2. I have a buddy who teaches in Sacramento and he loves the year round schedule. I'm totally jealous of his schedule, because he can travel during non-peak times of the year. The one thing I don't like about his district is that when he's on break, someone else is teaching in his room... which would drive me nuts. But it doesn't bother him, which is all that matters. Enjoy the last few weeks with your kids... and have a great summer!

    3. The school I teach at does not have the room rotations, i.e. other people using your room, that most year round schools use. Completely agree on the travel part, my wife and I are both from places outside of North Carolina and get back home frequently because of the schedule. I hope you have a great summer too! Enjoy your time off!