Saturday, November 14, 2015

Patches From Jimmy Ballgame

Two posts in a row with Jim Edmonds.  I came home from work yesterday and completely forgot that I had landed a card of the former Cardinals centerfielder sometime last week.  I was actually looking at another card from a seller on Ebay and I always scan their other items.  You never know when you will see something worthwhile and can save a little money with some combined shipping.  This was the case with my latest Jimmy Ballgame.  The original card I was looking at was small potatoes and a single I needed for a set.  Here is the newest Jim Edmonds card in my collection......

I have always really liked the patch cards in UD Premier and have a few others floating around the baseball card boxes in my house.  I really like the patch piece on the right side of the card.  Two colors on a patch is always better than one.

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