Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three Cardinals Relics

A really quick post for Sunday morning.  I have lots of things to do today to make sure that my final day of the Thanksgiving holiday counts.  There are leaves to mulch, papers to grade, lesson plans to write, and I owe the little guy some time kicking around the soccer ball.  I picked up three Cardinals cards last week on one of the Facebook auction pages.  Really good stuff if you have never ventured into one of the groups.  I was originally targeting a Willie McGee Bat Relic.........

which I won, but once you win one, you might as well stick around for the combined shipping on a few others.  I ended up adding a nice Lou Brock relic from the 2013 Topps Tribute and a Bob Gibson from the 2004 Tribute set.  I believe I already owned a copy of the Gibby jersey, but it will make for some nice trade bait somewhere along the way.  


  1. Great cards... especially the McGee bat relic. I didn't even realize he had any memorabilia cards. Might have to try and build his sports card trifecta.

    1. There are not many of them out there Fuji and they are always pretty pricey.