Monday, November 17, 2014

This Morning 50% Cardinals, Now 0% Cardinals

Last weekend I picked up a pair of Cardinals autographs from one of the auction pages on Facebook. I got both cards for a pretty good price and was more than happy to add an an autograph of a current Cardinal (as of this weekend) and a former Cardinal (as of the trade deadline).  The former Cardinal first:

Joe Kelly has been gone since the trade deadline at the end of July.  I understand why the Cardinals decided to trade the goggle wearing right handed pitcher, but I still enjoy collecting his cards.  This was amongst his first autograph cards produced.  On card with the goggles.  Winner.  Second card.....

I was shocked to see Shelby Miller traded today.  I am not complaining, but just surprised that the Cardinals moved so fast.  I have really enjoyed collecting Miller cards for the past five or so years and will likely continue to check in on his cards from time to time.  He has a great signature and seems to sign a lot for Topps.  Anyway, I am off to find some Hayward cards and watch the end of the NC State game (and do a bunch of school work).

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