Sunday, November 30, 2014


Last week I went back to putting up a story to go with my weekly #MyCardMonday posts.  I had been just posting a card without words for awhile, and while pictures can tell a story, the whole point of the posts were originally to show off of a card from my personal collection.  While some cards are self-explanatory, there are plenty of cards that can offer up a great story.

This week I am going to share out this great Ray Lankford card from the 1998 SP Authentic set.  I could argue that this is probably the best autograph that Lankford signed during his brief window as a certified card signer.  It was the first Lankford autograph that I ever added to my collection.  I was in college when this card set was released, and while I could not afford to buy a box of SP Authentic, I put together enough money to buy a single copy of the card off of Ebay.

The card was my pride and joy for years.  I know that Ray Lankford is not one of the all-time greats, nor a great of the hobby.  However, this card in my opinion, is everything great about baseball cards.  A favorite player on a cool card that brings a collector a good feeling....even after 16 years.  This is my card and I am happy that it is in my collection.

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