Friday, November 21, 2014

Flippin Happy About An Ozzie Autograph

I have been working on trying to add a few new players into my collection.  There are the usual suspects, but I have been feeling like finding some new players lately.  Through all the search for something new I stumbled across an autograph of an old favorite last week on Twitter.  Every collector, whether they collect sets, a team, or a player, has cards they will trade or buy in a second if the opportunity presents itself.  As a Cardinals fan I enjoy any card with Stan Musial, Pujols, Wainwright, or any other good player whether they are a current or former player.  

One of my favorite Cardinals players is Ozzie Smith.  I always forget about The Wizard.  I spent a huge chunk of my childhood watching him patrol the left side of the Cardinals infield.  One of the best games I went to as a kid was the 1985 National League East clincher against the Cubs.  The Cardinals and the Mets came down to the wire that season, but the Redbirds prevailed with great pitching and defense.  

After all of the years of collecting nothing beats a good Ozzie Smith card.  When I saw the autograph in a post on Twitter I knew I had to try to get the card.  A few DMs and a week or so later and this gorgeous card is in my hands........